Create the Basin Reserve Master Plan

March 2015

The Basin Reserve Trust completes the Basin Reserve Master Plan.

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Endorse and seek feedback on the Master Plan

April-May 2015

The Council endorses the Basin Reserve Master Plan and seeks submissions as part of the 2015-2025 Long Term Plan consultation process.

Agree to funding

April 2015

Agree to fund the project to redevelop the Basin Reserve by endorsing the Council's Long-term Plan 2015-25.

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Upgrade the Groundsman's Cottage

October 2015

Complete the refurbishment of the cottage and re-open and re-name it as the Les Armstrong Ground Keepers Cottage.

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Create a team to deliver concept designs

June 2016

The Council appoints award-winning architects Tennent Brown to deliver concept designs for the Master Plan.

Stakeholder engagement

August - October 2016

Hold workshops with stakeholders.

Complete the RA Vance Stand upgrade

October 2017

The Council has started the work needed to address the significant maintenance issues in the RA Vance Stand. We expect to complete this work in October 2017.

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Continue the programme to upgrade amenities

2016/17 and beyond

Upgrade the amenities and services.

Consider options for the Museum Stand

In 2017

The Council considers options for the future of the Museum Stand.

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