Built in the 1880s, the Groundsman’s Cottage is the oldest structure on the Basin Reserve site. Over the years, the building has been moved to different locations around the ground, with a number of changes made to the outside and inside of the building. In recent times, it was used to house the ground keepers and their equipment.

By 2013, the cottage was in a bad condition and presented a serious health and safety risk to ground keeping staff. As part of the Master Plan, the Council agreed to refurbish the cottage while also creating ground keeping facilities that were fit-for-purpose. This included:

  • preserving the outside and completely refurbishing the inside of the cottage
  • building a machinery shed for equipment storage, including a chemical/fuel store with suitable ventilation and dry materials storage.
  • fitting the cottage out as a staff office/room/meeting space with amenities (kitchenette, lockers, shower and toilet) and a deck area
  • creating a wash-down areas for all machinery and for spray equipment cleaning.

In October 2015, the Les Armstrong Ground Keepers Cottage was opened by Mayor Celia-Wade Brown.

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Image showing restoration: Photographer Paul McCredie